Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wedding Epiphany #1: Why Mary was Pissed

Epiphany Sequence
Wedding Epiphany #1: Why Mary was Pissed
the third ephiphany of the son of god was by far the
involving wine, brides, dancing, bridegrooms, anxiety, uncertainty, loss of virginity,
that is to say, a higher than usual level of tension and
a satisfying climax, we hope, for all involved. 

great joy was already in progress
with or without angels
when the slightly bitter mother of God
more than a little tipsy from too little sleep, inferior wine,
and three days of non-stop dancing with the heartbreakingly beautiful bride--
call her Rachel--
got into it with her rather surly preacher son
who annoyingly sat on watching the proceedings
apparently untouched by the ridiculous messy beauty of our rhythmic human neediness.

bitter, I say, because it had all come back to her then (and there),
mid-whirl, so to speak, for a moment glimpsing old Joseph frowning, liminal,
uncomfortable without his saw and shavings and apron,
all of it--those girlhood dreams of how perfect it would be,
the handsome young rabbi, G*d knows he'd looked at her with longing long enough,
tying the knot and loosening the doors of love with her,
tenderness, passion, laughter, tears,
and the promise of golden days ahead
and children, many children, whose longs lives would be the proof
or proof enough for her
of Yahweh's all-powerful love.

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