Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ironic Advent Meditation 2014 #2: Advent Equations


I once got a note to this effect--
"Sorry I've been so busy and out of contact.
By the time you get this, I'll be leaving on a plane across the ocean.
I am scheduled to return the day after you leave for England. 
I really miss you." 

This formula explains a lot. Perhaps, including Advent. 

"Don't be too disappointed if you keep being disappointed."
Browning said something like that, or should have. 

"The human soul cannot subsist on the scanty satisfactions reality affords." 
Freud said that, or I did, and I played Freud once in a play. 

These are subjective facts, special case equations, NOT to be shared with children. 

With children, instead, prove all of the above false. 

You have twenty-three days, relatively speaking. 


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