Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ironic Advent 2015 Meditation #5: Grammar of Exile


The optative subjunctive is used to give direct expression to prayers, fears, curses, and so on. Fearing Clauses. The most common context in which one issues prayers, etc., is when one is afraid: "May he come! I'm afraid." Now, if you think about this, the only reason to pray that someone come is that you are afraid that he won't come. . . .

Grammar of Exile*

We wait for Thee
O subjunctive G*d--

Be no longer passive
with your imperfect people,

indicate your hitherto 
conditional love,

Thou, whom the imperate sounds of angels
hymn absolutely.

Demonstrate Thyself to us,
Comparatively declining persons, 

separate, split, neuter, periphrastic.

Our present tense, forgive, O Lord, 
our future interrogative--

how long? how long? when wilt Thou hear our voice?
Now let our jussive plea arise and find agreement:


*Originally posted December 5, 2012.  

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