Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ironic Advent Meditation #11: The Advent Freeze

Well, yes, it's really really cold. Cold as whatever we call something that's cold as hell but obviously hell doesn't work since hot as hell makes a lot more sense.

And here's the simple truth, whether you want to think about it or not. It's my duty to suggest it, even at 2.50 A.M. and at one degree above zero.

Maybe that freezing cold is symbolic of the way the world really is. At the deepest level, the world is cold and dark and all its roads are dangerously slippery.

But maybe not. Maybe it's not symbolic at all of the way the world really is.

There's only one way to _be sure_ it isn't. And that is__to make_ sure it isn't.

You can wait for the second Advent when all the prophecies will be fulfilled and when all the things that seemed like they should have already happened but were deferred by some theological re-explanation of comings and goings and savings and loans, and then finally find out if there really is a fire at the core, love at the heart.

Or you can get on with it. I'm sure the (possibly) coming one would rather you do that than wait for him to fulfill the re-interpreted prophecies.

I realize this might go against some religious beliefs. But that would be bad religion, wouldn't it?

I'm just afraid that the promised one will show up (even John the Baptist had a hard time with this one) and fix two or three things and then leave. And some theologian would say, oh you didn't see that one verse in the Greek? That means it'll be another couple thousand years of waiting.

I'm OK with waiting. Sort of. But I hate waiters who never ask me if I want a cup of water.

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