Monday, January 14, 2013

Five Things to Do over Christmas at Missy's

Five things to do over Christmas at your sister Missy's:

1. Eat lasagna and salad and yummy ginger beer with a cockatiel named Eagle perched on the back of your chair.

2. Watch "The Way" and tell her all about the Camino de Santiago and hear her say over and over again, "I want to do it. How many days was it again? Should I bring my gun?" Explain that the Second Amendment doesn't apply in Spain. And is frowned upon by fellow pilgrims.

3. Check on the chickens--Goldy I, May, and Lady Bug who are snuggling together below (you can only see one of them), Boo and Goldy II who are in the upper perch. And Jimi Hendrix, the Black Silkie Rooster who sleeps closest to the door, protecting his girls. Check the heater because it's getting down into the 20s tonight. Listen to Missy talk to them for awhile.

4. Show her your pilgrimage pictures while eating ice cream with bananas, fudge, and yet more cookies. Tell yourself it's still Christmas, so feasting is not only allowed, it's expected.

5. Put a mattress on the floor by the fire, grab a down blanket and the pillows from your bed. Make sure the cat, Charles, is not going to escape to make you sneeze all night, find your place in the Hobbit. Say good night.

**originally posted on December 27

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