Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The First (swing) Dance of Christmas: Blue Night in Bethlehem

The First (swing) Dance of Christmas: 
Blue Night in Bethlehem

It was a blue, blue night in Bethlehem,
when sweet mother Mary and good old Joe
and baby JC in and ex utero
came blowing into town, made the scene, the crazy dream,
lit a candle to crack the too long too damn dark.

The big big mystery in our animal skin
finally coming in to dig and deal with us.

Donkey braying heigh-ho,
Angels singing Daaaay-oooooooooo

Muchas Muchas Gracias para Navidad
de Nuestro Senor Jesucristo.

Gracias a Dios.

This night, we're gonna get it right,
we're gonna make it ring,
we couldn't find a sitter so we'll just bring
our sheep, bring our feet, bring our voices,

and do the one thing we've practiced
all our lives.
Sing and dance and, damn those Romans,
tonight, we'll make it superswing.

No more silence. No more solitude.
Tonight the presence is the present.
For once, and maybe for only,
love is not a longing,

love, right now, is sweet sweet finding--
now, it's this dance, this laughter,
this swirling vertiginous motion
making shepherds angels, 

maids mothers,
kings beggars and 

god man.

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