Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Second Dance of Christmas: Boxing Day Boogie

The Second Dance of Christmas: Boxing Day* Boogie
(Sung to the tune of the World Socialist Hymn**)

On Boxing Day, we fill each box
with treats and toys and gift certificates
for the humble poor, the child of need,
and various other holy indigents.

No Ebeneezer's need apply
for Good Saint Stephen's chorus line.
This dance is sweet but deep down dangerous,
so masters, spill the wine.

Now lift a glass for all poor 'prentices,
though I'm not sure what I mean.
Enough to know that in old "Merry Old"
they all looked rather lean.

So, let them that has now give it up,
let them who needs receive,
but don't re-gift the socks and ties,
and those awful  balls of cheese.

Now them with legs should up and jump,
and those with wings should fly,
and Gabriel, if you're still around 

blow some changes from the sky.

For if God, in fact, took on our skin,
it means . . . well, let's just say,
that sharing food and warmth and coin
should be the order of the day.

So gather near the manger my dears,
and circle hands in hands,
a child shall lead us--left, right, left,
in the radical Christmas dance.

* If you don't know what Boxing Day is or its relationship to apprentices and charity, please don't expect a clear explanation of it here. I am not, nor never have been, a journalist. I am a mythographer. 

**I just made that up but I assume there is one. If there isn't, they can use this. 

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